We are well into summer now and, if your kids are like mine, they seem to think we’ve run out of fun summer activities. Summer months can be full of fun activities like BBQ’s, pool days, and waiting for the ice cream truck.  But in addition to play, summer is also a perfect time to learn something new or plan a great vacation to add to your summer bucket list. If it is the former, TakeLessons has rounded up 3 fun summer activities to help you learn and grow this summer while still enjoying yourself.

You can carve out some time this summer to help your child learn to play that musical instrument they’ve always dreamed of playing. Or maybe you’re the closet musician and it’s time to give in to the musician inside. Make your online time productive and learn a new language with your child. Students who study a second language do better in school, and you’ll benefit too. Bilingual workers earn more than single-language speakers.

Or how about a sport? Summer is the perfect time to go out and play. My kids all participated in a summer swim league and loved it (parent bonus: they swam for two hours early every morning and were too tired to get into trouble after that). Whether it’s swimming or something else, encourage that to develop new skills while improving their fitness.

Whether you have children, or are just looking to occupy the long, warm days yourself, these ideas are a perfect way to avoid getting sucked into the doldrums of summer. Check out the infographic to get inspired for the last weeks of summer and into fall.

3 Fun Summer Activities That Help Your Child Grow

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