You might not be celebrating your birthday any longer, particularly as the years go by, but that does not mean your child has any intention of neglecting it. Birthday parties are the things legends are made of. Your youngster looks forward to this day all year long, so work hard to make it extra special for your son or daughter. As you plan for the big event, consider these 4 family party ideas for your youngster’s next birthday.

Get Into the Spirit With a New Theme

Make every birthday party special with a unique theme. This is a hit with small and big kids alike. Make sure that the theme you select is age and gender appropriate, and then have fun with it. Imagine a bug, butterfly, or bubble theme for children ages 3-5. The possibilities are literally endless as to what you can do with this. For the bug theme, all of the kids attending the party can make caterpillars made out of egg cartons, and then for a special desert everyone can munch on gummy worms. The bubble theme is fun as well, with bubbles being blown everywhere. Just watch everyone to smash all of those. Children ages 6 to 8 enjoy theme parties as well. Some of the more popular ones in recent years include a theme that revolves around princesses, pirates, or even Harry Potter. There is also the Candy Olympics that never seems to diminish in popularity. Children can bob for marshmallows that are in a buck of water, and then participate in a relay race using licorice as the baton. If there is a piece of candy out there, you can think of a game to use with it. The spirit of competition and fun that results will leave everyone talking about the party for quite some time.

Family Party Ideas

Get Creative With the Invitations

Get rid of those boring prefab invitations and set out to do something creative and eye catching with your birthday party invites. When receiving an invitation that has been handmade, the kids are thrilled and the excitement level is already ramped up for the party to come. The added bonus is the fun you can have with your own youngster thinking up the concept for the cards, buying the materials, and then actually setting out to complete them. You can go to a craft store or dollars store to snatch up some blank cards, get some glitter, and ten set out to design some invitations that highlight the particular theme that you have chosen. This is much more personal than emailing an invitation, and it gives everyone a more personal connection with the host of the party. It is a win-win situation.

Visit a Local Aquarium

Not every birthday party needs to be held at home. Consider doing something different altogether and taking everyone to the local Utah aquarium. You will just want to make sure that you have a few chaperones, but don’t worry as even the adults will enjoy this one. Create an animal theme for the party and then end up at the aquarium to view ocean species from around the world. Not only will this party be fun, it will be educational at the same time.

Bring in the Jungle Gym

You don’t have to head out to an amusement park to have a party, as the jungle gym can now come to you. There are loads of companies that will come to a home, set up a host of age appropriate equipment, and then you can just sit back and watch the kids have a great time. This is a party that requires little of your own effort, as an outside company will do most of it for you.

These 4 family party ideas will help you get your youngster’s next birthday party off on the right foot. Remember to plan early, make the guest list, and have your child help you in the process. These ideas will surely help everyone have a great time.

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