What’s your definition of success? Is it a satisfying career, a big paycheck, a big house, all the toys? Or is it more family time, better health, or time to relax and enjoy your life?

Each of these is part of the package of success, but there are five essential elements you need to include to be a complete success. While you can certainly be happy with success in one or more area, I believe that you need all five to be a complete success. The five elements are:

  • Faith
  • Family
  • Fitness
  • Finance
  • Fulfillment

Faith: We all need to believe in something greater than ourselves. Having faith in something greater than ourselves encourages us to reach out, to have hope when life seems hopeless and to recognize that we are but one part of a much larger whole. It also reminds us to build relationships and to serve our fellow men. I believe that faith is one of the things that keeps us from spending too much time looking inward and reminds us to look outward. How you express your faith and live your faith is entirely up to you. I am a spiritual person so my faith is expressed and strengthened through activity in my church. Yours may be something entirely different–and that’s ok. Our individual expressions of faith are part of what makes us who we are.

what do you find fulfilling

Family: Family is important. As John Donne said, “No man is an island.” We need close interpersonal relationships in our lives. Whether you are part of a traditional mom-dad-and-the-kids family, a single-parent-and-kids family, a couple-with-no-kids family, or your family looks different, it doesn’t matter. People who are members of families generally enjoy better physical and mental health. Our family also gives us shared history–someone who has had many of the same experiences as we have,

Fitness: Without health, wealth and success mean little. Doing our best to enjoy our optimum level of health makes life more enjoyable. Few are blessed with perfect health, and there are some health challenges that cannot be completely overcome no matter how hard we work at it, no matter how hard we wish for it or no matter how amazing our health providers are. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be at our best, whatever that best may be. Self-care is essential to being able to achieve our goals and fully enjoy our lives.

Finance: Having your finances in order is a critical component of success. This doesn’t necessarily mean being wealthy, but it does mean having enough to meet your needs and care for yourself and your family. When your time is spent worrying about your finances, worrying about having enough, worrying about debts that feel overwhelming, it’s difficult to focus on anything else. Putting your finances in order and ensuring that you can meet your needs will bring peace and eliminate much stress from your life.

Fitness is an important component of success

Fulfillment: What brings you joy? What gives you purpose? Fulfillment is the finishing piece, that brings all the other F’s together. I believe fulfillment is essential. Figure out what it is you need to feel fulfilled in your life and pursue it. Putting the first four F’s in order will make this one easier. But I firmly believe that we were created and put on this earth to have joy. Not just fun, not just entertainment, but to find, create and have joy in our lives. And I believe that living our purpose is what will bring us the most joy.


So how do these five F’s play into becoming a complete success? As we set goals and strive for success in our lives, our goals should fit into one or more of these areas. Having goals that will improve each of these areas of your life will enrich your entire life and help you to achieve the success you desire.

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