Order and ComfortMost people want to have a clean and orderly home, but with the hectic schedules people face in their daily lives, keeping a house tidy often gets pushed down on the list of priorities. One of the best and most simple ways to have a clean, organized home is to design your space where it is quick and easy to keep it neat and clutter free. The following are a few solutions to help simplify your house work and be well-ordered:


Use Furniture as Storage

There are many pieces of furniture on the market right now that dual as places for storage. A popular concept are beds with storage drawers on the frame and/or shelves on the headboards. This makes a convenient space to put sheets and other bedding items. Another common item is an ottoman that opens up at the top for storage, which is an easy way to keep items organized rather than cluttered in the living areas.


Choose Easy to Clean Flooring

Nothing in a home gets dirty faster than the floors. To truly have a consistently fresh and clean home, look beyond traditional carpet in your home design. Flooring has come a long way in the last few years, and now laminate and upscale vinyl are becoming more available to homeowners. These types of floorings are simple to clean, just sweep and mop. Sealed, stained concrete floors are also a good option for flooring and are virtually stain proof. For a more traditional look, hardwood floors are also easy to clean (though this can be one of the more expensive options). If carpet must be used, look for carpet that has multiple colors or is darker in color. As nice as it looks on the day it is installed, a solid, light colored carpet can get dirty quickly and take away from the home’s appearance.


Give Attention to Furniture Coverings

It is well worth the effort and money to have a good covering on your furniture. Real and faux leather make good options for furniture that can be wiped clean. If you prefer fabric, look for one that is treated with a stain repellent. Darker colors or patterns are best for concealing any smudges. Just like carpet, things are going to show up on light solid, colors.


Use High Quality Paint

Food splatters happen in the kitchen and children like to draw on walls. Having clean walls is essential to the appearance of a fresh and orderly home, but low end paint can compromise how well those walls get cleaned. Using a high quality paint and finish can make cleaning wall much easier and prevents paint from coming off while cleaning.


Add Open Shelving Units

The kitchen may very well be the most used part of the house. It is also where people tend to gather at social events, therefore keeping it orderly is important to the overall appearance of your home. One of the simplest, cost effective ways to organize your kitchen is to add open shelving units on the walls. These types of shelves do not take up floor space and it can serve as a nice visual display for some of your items. Bathrooms with limited space can also benefit by adding open shelving units.


Through well thought out home designs, you can set yourself up to have a neat and orderly home. Using these design tips will help to make cleaning and organizing a snap, making g your life easier and your house nicer.


Information Credit: Perry Homes Southern Utah


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