The global business environment is growing increasingly competitive and difficult to get noticed. At the same time, marketing opportunities abound for the small business owner to an extent that has never before been seen in the history of modern civilization. In order to gain that competitive advantages that businesses far and wide crave with their respective industries, video marketing has become a way of capturing the hearts and minds of a viewing public increasingly drawn in by social media options made accessible by smart enabled devices. If you are a small business owner or employee looking to capitalize on this potentially beneficial marketing strategy, then consider these five tips to becoming an expert video marketer as you get started.

Become Expert Video Marketers


Quality of the Content

In order to engage a viewing audience with what you have to say, the message needs to not only be relevant and appealing, but it needs to of relatively high quality. There are a variety of methods for capturing video and displaying it online. Whatever method you choose, ensure that you produce a high quality product that will attract viewership and encourage individuals to share it with others. This will make you much more effective as a video marketer.

It is also helpful to keep SEO parameters in mind when creating a video in order to get the piece you have worked so hard on to appear high the in the search engine rankings. To do this, ensure that your content is designed to solve some type of problem, or to give users new information. This is important because many Internet searches are conducted in an effort to ask a question or a request for information. By providing something new to the consumer, it is quite likely that your video will be more noticeable online.


Create Videos That Are User Friendly

It is also recommended that you create a video that is relatively easy for the average person to browse through. In this regard, make sure it is made known how a user can both link and share your video. This is how you get your marketing piece to go viral, so keep that in mind. It would be helpful within this tip to create a separate and distinct landing page for every video that you create. This is a more useful strategy than creating one page that contains multiple videos. You want to maximize the opportunities that Internet and social media users have to run across the video that you have created.

As you create video of a user friendly nature, you will also want to incorporate elements into each one, whenever possible. Such a strategy will enable your video to connect with more viewers in new and creative way. You can accomplish this by including links directly within your video, or you can even add quizzes or surveys to enhance viewership. The key here is to create engaging opportunities that draw the viewer into the message you are trying to communication.

Become Expert Video Marketers


Always Focus on SEO

Most people today search for information online, or via search media. If you want to get your video marketing message noticed, you will need to keep this in mind at all times. Much of the time and energy that you spend creating the video itself should be focused on optimizing it for an eventual Internet search conducted by users in your target demographic group. In fact, a video that that is optimized effectively, and is relevant to the user, will actually serve to drive traffic to your site for some time into the future. This, after all, is the ultimate goal. Quality subtitling companies will prove useful here as they can enhance the message contained in your video that will get it ranked higher in a search engine.


These tips will go a long way towards enhancing your effectiveness as a small business marketer. Remember to create engaging content that viewers will want to share with others in their sphere of influence. Optimize that video and work hard to get it ranked near the top of any search that has anything remotely at all to do with the topic. Create an interactive feel to the video that gets the viewer involved, as this creates the best possible opportunity for the viewer to actually connect with the message and remember it. Have fun and enjoy your time as a small business video marketer!

Jennifer Livingston is a freelance writer who specializes on topics related to health, business and marketing. When she is not writing she likes to bake, read and travel.Jennifer Livingston is a freelance writer who specializes on topics related to health, business and marketing. When she is not writing she likes to bake, read and travel.

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