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I’m a woman on a mission to help rid the world of the pain and damage of poor communication. I’m a lifelong word nerd and entrepreneur, who has put my foot in my mouth more times than I care to admit.

I’ve felt the pain of a miscommunication, both from the receiving end–and the sending end (ouch!). As a result, I’ve become passionate about helping others avoid that sad fate.

In my professional life, there is nothing I like better than helping my clients achieve “light bulb” moments, as they begin to fulfill the goals and realize the success they have been dreaming of.

I’m a lifelong entrepreneur who started my first business at 13, followed by a second entrepreneurial endeavor that funded my high school and early college years. While in college, I opened a photography studio and spent 30 years as a professional photographer.

Having known from an early age that words and communication would play a major role in my life, I studied Journalism at San Diego State University, where I received my degree the day before my first child was born.

Since then, I’ve worked with many forms of communication, including copywriting, editing, photography and teaching. After a few years in the corporate world, I realized my talents were better suited for entrepreneurship and I focused on building a thriving photography business and a freelance writing  & marketing career.

During this time I rediscovered my love of teaching and mentoring as I helped others learn whether the entrepreneurial world was for them, and as I was able to share my business and communication skills through workshops and training programs, teaching on topics like starting and marketing your own business, using social media for business and fun, improving your productivity, and effective communication.


I’ve continued studying the art of communication throughout my career and recently came to recognize how passionate I am about helping businesses and individuals communicate more effectively and profitably.

I love sharing what I’ve learned, and I’m available to speak to your group or organization on many aspects of communication, productivity and entrepreneurship (they’re more related than you might think).

To have me come and speak to your group or organization, click here. And to set up a free consultation to see how we can work together to grow your business, click here

By the way, I still love photography, and you can view and purchase my photographic art online at my gallery site.

And if you’re looking for my fun about page where I share interesting personal trivia, just keep scrolling. You’re almost there.

Now, for the really important stuff that I know you’re dying to know.


  • My eyes are two different colors.
  • I think popcorn should be its own food group.
  • I love to organize, whether it’s things, events or even people.
  • I enjoy shopping the thrift store. It’s often my first stop for anything we need.
  • I am an avid reader. My favorite category is business and self-improvement. My second favorite is murder mysteries, followed closely by biographies and autobiographies.
  • I am a band geek. I LOVE school bands, especially marching bands.
  • I once fell off a cliff into the ocean during a portrait session, but climbed back up and finished the session.
  • I love the sunrise and photograph it when I travel. Trail Ridge in Rocky Mountain National Park at sunrise is about the best place to be on the planet.
  • I am incredibly nosy (but I HATE gossip) and am quite convinced your life is far more interesting than mine.
  • On a dare, I fed a full-grown black bear an apple—from my mouth. (He was my friend’s pet bear)
  • I LOVE to cook and I am a serial recipe tweaker. If I didn’t make it up, I’ll change it up.
  • I love to travel and could easily be a nomad if my family would let me.
  • We once owned a pet mouse named Lunch because the pet snake didn’t eat him.

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