For years, Amazon has been well-known for its great customer service. The company has been number one in 24/7 Wall Street’s Customer Service Hall of Fame for the past six years almost 60 percent of the people surveyed reported that Amazon has excellent service, a significantly higher rating than any other company in the Hall of Fame, and only two percent reported a poor experience.

There are several factors involved in Amazon’s stellar customer service record. Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, makes customer service the top priority and keeps customer satisfaction in mind for all decisions. This is reflected in every aspect of the customer’s shopping experience, from browsing to package delivery.


Customer-Centered Approach

Amazon describes itself as a “customer obsessed” company. Bezos always prioritizes customer satisfaction over making a profit. He has explained that putting customers at the center of the company improves customer satisfaction, which increases the likelihood that customers will return or refer their friends.

Every Amazon employee, including Bezos himself, has to work the customer service phone lines for two days every two years. This helps all employees remember that customers are the most important aspect of the business.



Amazon’s innovative method of shipping is one of the most important contributions to their customer service reputation. Amazon Prime is an affordable service for most users, and shoppers can get free two-day shipping on practically any item. Fast shipping is one of the most surefire ways to ensure customer satisfaction. Customers can also easily track their packages within just a few hours of making the purchase, and they are notified as soon as the package is delivered.

In the past few years, the company has incorporated a unique shipping strategy that they have now patented. They observe shoppers’ order histories to predict what they’ll purchase in the future. Then, they ship those items to warehouses nearby the customers’ homes in anticipation of their purchases, so customers receive their items as quickly as possible.

They also use checkweighers and conveyor systems to quickly and easily check the weights of packages before shipping them. This makes the packaging and shipping process much faster, and it ensures that the packages contain the correct items.

King of Customer Service


Shoppers can quickly search Amazon for any item imaginable, and they can complete their transactions within minutes. Customers rarely have to speak on the phone with a customer service representative, and if they do need assistance, they have the option of chatting online with a representative.

Amazon even has “frustration-free packaging,” which can be easily opened without a knife or box cutter and doesn’t have excess packaging materials. Over the 20 years since the company was founded, they have made every aspect of shopping as fast and streamlined as possible.



Amazon was one of the first companies to show customer reviews on their site. This allows shoppers to make informed purchases, and it increases the likelihood of customers being satisfied and continuing to use their site.

When they make a mistake or have any miscommunication with the public, they always openly apologize and admit their mistake instead of covering it up. In 2009, they deleted illegally sold copies of the books 1984 and Animal Farmfrom customers’ Kindles. When customers were outraged because they viewed it as censorship, Bezos made a heartfelt public apology, admitting that he handled the situation incorrectly and promising to learn from the mistake. This created trust among customers, which increased customer loyalty.


Overall, Amazon is the king of customer service because it respect its customers and genuinely want them to be satisfied. Bezos claims that Amazon is one of the only companies to take a customer-centered approach to business, which is why the company has seen so much success. As long as Bezos and his employees are honest, helpful, and considerate with their customers, the customers will keep reporting great experiences.

David GlennDavid Glenn is a home improvement expert. He occasionally freelance writes about real estate tips, home maintenance and DIY home repair.

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