Are you looking for some awesome free graphics sites to help you create beautiful blog posts and beautiful products for your business? The right graphics can enhance any presentation, whether it’s a blog post, your Facebook page, a professional presentation or a school project. But great graphics can come with a hefty price tag—and while great graphics are worth paying for, sometimes our projects don’t have a paying budget. So, what can you do when you need awesome graphics, don’t have a big budget or don’t have the time, talent and resources to create it yourself? I don’t know about you, but I turn these awesome free graphics sites for a little help in getting what I need without dipping far into the piggy bank.

Disclaimer: Most of these sites have both free and paid options. Free does not always mean “no strings attached.”

ALWAYS read the Terms of Use and the FAQ for each of these sites before downloading and using anything you find there. Even if it’s free, giving credit with a link back to the creator and/or site is always welcome, appreciated and a small price to pay for what you are getting in return. I cannot guarantee that none of these sites will change their terms or that you will always find what you want for free. It’s YOUR responsibility to know what the rules are BEFORE you use something. “I found it on the internet” is NEVER a valid defense for violating someone’s copyright, and the fines can be hefty. If you want to be respected in your business, respect the legal and moral rights of others. Stepping off my soapbox now. On to the good stuff.

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My Current List of Awesome Free Graphics Sites


First up is fonts. I am a font junkie. I currently have 2600+ fonts installed on my computer and 186 more in my reserve file.  Yes, I do have a font problem. My problem is that I need a good font manager (that may need to be scheduled for a future post—suggestions welcome). You thought I’d say I needed to stop acquiring fonts, didn’t you? Not a chance. Anyway, here are a some of my favorite FREE font sites—and yes, many are free to download for commercial use.

But, and of course there’s a but here, you need to check the license. While I am giving you the links to the free fonts, some sites also sell fonts, so make sure you pay attention so you don’t feel the need to come back and complain. Or more importantly, you don’t have to deal with a copyright violation and fine. And I am not responsible for your font addiction. I clearly can’t even manage my own.

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Font Bundles—Font Bundles has all kinds of great low-cost fonts, but if you get on their mailing list they will send you a free font download every week.

Font Fabric—Not a large selection of free fonts, but what they have is good quality and great for logos and headlines. They also have a great selection of quality paid fonts.

Font Squirrel—Lots of fonts here. Yes, this site can do some serious damage to my resolve to acquire fewer fonts. But then I am always in search of something different for my next graphic. Nicely organized by style, this is a great one-stop shop for free fonts that are free for commercial use. Yay.

Fontstruct—This font site is a little different. It gives you the opportunity to build your own font, as well as download the creations of other site visitors.

Misprinted Type: The work of Eduardo Recife –some of my favorite fun fonts live here on his freeware page. If you’ve got a font budget, be sure to check out his other work. Great stuff.

The League of Movable Type—The name alone makes me want to download fonts. They’re free. If you’re interested in learning more about type and typography, check out their membership resources.

Wild Type—Creative free and low-cost fonts. Clearly noted before you click to buy so there are no surprises.

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Stock Photos

Burst—Loads of great photos, neatly categorized to help make your search easier.

Cupcake—Don’t be fooled by the name. These images are neither food-focused, nor particularly “feminine.” They are, however, beautiful and creative. And free.

Death to the Stock Photo—I love this site. I subscribe to their monthly email. Each month they send out a nifty zip file with 10 or so photos for commercial use that don’t look like the usual stock photo, which is my biggest issue with stock photography. Yes, there is also a premium option (and it’s a bargain from $12/month).

Deposit Photos—Yes, this is a paid stock site. In fact, it’s my go-to when I need more than I can find on a free site. But they also offer some free files each week. You can find Deposit Photo’s free offerings here.

Find a Photo—This site is unique in that you can browse by color, by collection or by source (the original website).

Foodies Feed—Hungry? If you’re not, you will be after you visit this site. These freebie photos are all about food, so if you’re a food blogger or just love to create art with food images, check this one out.

Free Stocks—This site is the collaboration of a group of friends who create stock in their free time.

Getrefe—A visually interesting photographic collection of people, places and things. This site includes clearly marked free and paid download options.

Ivory Mix—In exchange for your email address (and this is definitely a more-than-fair trade), you get access to Ivory Mix’s 300+ styled stock photos, with new additions each month.

Morgue File—Don’t be put off by the name. This site has nothing to do with dead bodies. In print land (like newspapers & magazines), the morgue was where all the inactive job files, out takes, etc., went for storage for possible use at a later date. You’ll find a huge variety of images here, great for illustrating that obscure point in a blog post.

Negative Space—Free photos created and shared by members of the Negative Space community, and highly creative and distinctive.

New Old Stock—If you’re a fan of all things old, you’re going to love this site. It’s full of vintage photos from public archives that are free of known copyright restrictions.  Cool inspiration for all your vintage and retro projects.

Pexels—More than 40,000 free high-resolution photos, and they say they are adding at least 3000 per month.

Pixabay—A huge collection of royalty-free images with no usage restrictions. These are excellent choices for creating memes and graphics, as well as illustrating blog posts. All contents are released under Creative Commons, which makes them safe to use without asking for permission or giving credit to the artist – even for commercial purposes. This site includes both photographs and graphics.

Realistic Shots—Nothing staged or posed here. Just beautiful creative photography, licensed under Creative Commons and free for your use.

RGBStock—This is a huge site with more than 100,000 images. You do need to register (for free) to download and, as always, read the terms of use.

Skitterphoto—A public domain photo site with interesting and colorful images for all kinds of graphic projects. Started by a pair of European photographers who were frustrated with low-quality free stock. They’ve now changed the site to include other photographers to upload as well.

Startup Stock Photos—As the name implies, this site is geared toward entrepreneurs and small businesses. Lots of people photos here, and not a white-shirt-and-tie combo in sight.

Styled Stock—This site provides beautiful free, styled stock with a feminine feel for all of your pretty projects.

Unsplash—Much like Pixabay, this site contains endless beautiful images. I love to use these for creating my Daily Inspirations graphics that you can find on my social media feeds. If you subscribe, they send you a curated download of images regularly.

Mazwai—Need more than a still image? This site offers creative commons video footage.  And there’s some awesome footage here.

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Graphics and Other Goodies

Creative Market—Creative Market offers thousands upon thousands of graphic resources for sale. If you sign up for their mailing list they will send you six free items every week. These items can range from fonts to graphic elements, to templates, to stock photos, and more.

Deviant Art—If you can’t find it here, it may not exist yet. This is a community site where artists from all over the world can upload, share and promote their work. Some is free, some is not. All have their own TOU and licensing rules. Read before you download. Warning: you can totally get lost in this site and spend all day there.

Free Design Resources—Yes, I know it sounds like it should be the title of this post, but it’s really a website with all kinds of great graphic freebies for creatives. From fonts to mockups to graphics and templates.

Free Vectors—Another Vector art site with tons of free downloads for free and commercial use under Creative Commons.  As always read the TOU to be sure your project falls within their conditions and licensing.

Freebiesbug—All kinds of nifty freebies, including fonts, Illustrator Items, Code Stuff, PSD files, and more.

IMFree—This site includes more than just free photos. It offers icons, templates, and even a button maker, all free. There are also pro features, if you need something more.

The Hungry JPEG—This site offers many great low-cost graphics, and rewards mailing list subscribers with a weekly freebie.

The Pattern Library—Need a background for your project? Check out the plethora of free patterns on this website.

Vexels—This is a combination free/paid site that specializes in vector graphics. You can use nearly all that they have for free in your commercial and personal projects as long as you credit them. They also have various premium and subscription plans. And lots of cool stuff.

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Putting It All Together

Sometimes you don’t just want the elements, but you want to put together a whole graphic. Here are a couple of my favorite sources for creating the finished product.

Canva—Even the graphic novice can create something awesome at this site. There is a huge collection of free resources on the site, you can upload your own elements, and you can upgrade any element to their inexpensive paid collection at any point in the process.

Adobe Spark –Spark, like Canva, has both free and paid elements. Spark offers graphics, web content, and video creation apps. With a wealth of stock photos and other elements, pricing on Spark ranges from free to $9.99/month for an individual account. If you have any Adobe Creative Cloud plan, Spark Premium is included free. This is just a small sampling of the many sites you can find with just a little effort to create all kinds of great free graphics for your blog, your next presentation, or just some great memes to share online.

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Play Nice with Your Awesome Free Graphics

While these sites offer their images mostly without restriction, it’s important to know that you can’t necessarily do anything you want with one of these images, regardless of what the Terms of Use say. Do NOT use images with identifiable people in a context that will cast them in a bad light, potentially damage their reputation or that they may find offensive, without their specific written consent.

Do not use an image to suggest that the depicted people or organizations endorse you, your products or your services. Also, do not use an image that includes trademarks (including trademarked products), visible logos, landmarks or private property to advertise your business.

As a rule of thumb, you should only use these images for editorial use, meaning to illustrate blog pages or posts, and not for commercial use, which is as illustrations to accompany sales copy. I highly recommend creating your own images for advertisements and sales copy or purchasing stock that includes those rights.

Here’s an article from Pixabay that explains these rules in more detail. Do you have any favorite awesome free graphic sites I should add to this list? Please share them in the comments below.

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