Life can be hard. Things don’t always go like we expect them to. We experience disappointments and setbacks. It’s easy to let those negative parts of life overwhelm us and become our focus.

Life can be great. Sometimes things go even better than we expect. We experience victories, large and small. We succeed and we celebrate. For most people, the good and the bad come in fairly equal measures.

How is it, though, that for so many it is much easier to dwell on the negative instead of the positive? Wouldn’t life would be more enjoyable if we dwelt on the positive? What is it that keeps us from being more positive? Is it perhaps that we simply haven’t learned how to focus on the positive?

Positivity is one of the best habits we can develop. It’s not always easy—sometimes it’s actual WORK—but learning to be positive and look for the positive in every situation will make your life more joyful. It won’t’ eliminate the hard stuff from your life, nor should it. But learning to become a more positive person will make it easier to navigate the setbacks, disappointments and challenges that are a part of everyone’s lives.

For a more fulfilling and peaceful life, follow these steps and learn how to become a more positive person.

Learn to live in the now

Acknowledge life’s challenges. Don’t be a Pollyanna. Stuffing it doesn’t help anyone. Once you’ve acknowledged and processed them, refocus on the positive aspects of whatever situation you are in. Sometimes it may be looking for the lesson you can learn. Sometimes it may just be gratitude that it wasn’t worse.

Put yourself in positive surroundings. Surround yourself with positive people. If you want to become a more positive person, you need to make sure you’re spending time with like-minded people. Sad Sally and Negative Ned are going to make it hard for you to focus on the good.  Choose to spend time with those who will fill your reservoir of positivity and not drain it instead.

Be proactive. Don’t wait for positive things to happen in your life. Acknowledge the negative and look for the positive in every situation. You know that if you want something to happen in your life, you can’t just sit around and wish for it, you need to go out and make positive things happen in your life. This doesn’t mean they have to be big and grand, just choose the positive.

Find a confidant. Everyone needs that friend they can talk to who will help them work through the hard parts without losing their positive perspective. Make sure you have at least one of these friends—and be that friend for someone else.

Keep a celebration or gratitude journal

Keep a celebration or gratitude journal. Journaling is a great way to express and process feelings and emotions. Keep a dedicated journal where you write the positive parts of each day. These don’t have to be long entries, maybe even just a sentence or two. But journaling your gratitude and /or your victories each day will help you develop the habit of looking for the positive and remembering to acknowledge and express gratitude for it.

Create a happiness box. This is almost like a celebration journal but it’s items that come from other sources. Make yourself a box or file of letters and notes of encouragement, praise, congratulations, etc. Add photographs and other mementoes that remind you of happy events. Whenever you need a positivity boost, just break out the box and remind yourself of all the good things in your life.

Learn to live in the now. Let go of past hurts and disappointments. Acknowledge them, and then let them go. They don’t have to dwell with you daily. Are we seeing a pattern here? It’s important to acknowledge the hard parts of life. Don’t try and sweep them under the rug or pretend they aren’t happening. Acknowledge them, express gratitude for the lessons you’ve learned from them and stop rehashing them over and over. Live in the now. Let the past go (both good and bad). What good things does your life include now?


Are you learning to become a more positive person? What techniques and habits have you developed to help you become more positive? I ‘d love to hear how your journey to become a more positive person is working out for you. Comment below or drop me an email.

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