I get to work with the young women.  I think it’s the best job at church–I love teenagers.  And yes, I am crazy, but we established that a long time ago.  Deal with it.  I’m not bothered.

For those of you not familiar with how our Young Women program works, we divide the girls into three groups by age.  12-13 year-old girls are called Beehives, 14-15 year-old girls are called Mia Maids, and 16-17 year-old girls are called Laurels.

We were looking for something to give the girls on their transitional birthdays this year, so I came up with these mini-posters.  They’re 5 x 7 which makes them easy to frame or put into a scrapbook.  I know that bigger posters are available, but the young women have told us that they only have so much wall space and would like something smaller.  So there’s one for each class with the symbol for their age group and the meaning behind the symbol and the name.  If you would like to use these, click on the download link at the bottom of this post for a zip file with all three posters.


mia maid


You are welcome to download these for personal or church use.  Please do not redistribute these files or post them on any other website.  You are welcome to post or share a link to this site so that others may download.

5 x 7 Posters in English 

11 x 14 Posters in English 

These posters are also available in Spanish.  To download the Spanish set, click on the link below.
abejitas LDS  damitas LDS  laureles LDS

Posteres Espanol 

Many thanks to Gladys Navarro for the translation.

Estos pósteres están ahora disponibles en español. Para descargar el conjunto español, el clic en el lazo abajo.  Es libre de descarga éstos para personal o el uso de la iglesia. Por favor no redistribuya estos archivos ni anuncíelos en cualquier otro sitio web. Es libre del poste o comparte un lazo a este sitio para que otros puedan descargar.  Muchas gracias a Gladys Navarro por el traduccion.


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