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Seven Keys to Start Your Day Successfully

Is morning your least favorite time of the day? Do you often feel completely frazzled and worn out by the time you race out the door? Developing a morning routine can help make your morning less stressful  and more productive. If you want to create a morning routine...

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“Jane and Emma,” A Bold & Moving Film -#Giveaway

I had the opportunity to see Jane and Emma this week in preparation for participating in a giveaway of the DVD. Entry for the giveaway is at the bottom of this post.This movie has been on my must-see list, even before it came out in theaters last summer. This movie is...

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Waiting for Fitz–#Review

Waiting for Fitz Summary Addie loves nothing more than curling up on the couch with her dog, Duck, and watching The Great British Baking Show with her mom. It’s one of the few things that can help her relax when her OCD kicks into overdrive. She counts everything. All...

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Winter Adventure in Gunnison, Colorado

Winter in Colorado is a most amazing season. Everything changes under our annual blanket of ice and snow. I love adventuring and exploring all over Colorado, and seeing how it changes with the change of seasons. A couple of winters ago, we planned a January outing to...

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16 Easy Ways to Get More Productive

These are the “Dog Days” of winter. We’re all tired of snow and cold and gray days. As we begin to long for warm sunshine and spring flowers, it gets hard to stay motivated. We know we need to keep moving forward, stay productive and get more done. But--Admit it,...

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Why You Need Great IT Professionals for Business Success

IT (Information Technology) is more critical for business achievement than ever before. If you want your ambitious business to reach for the stars, then you need to prioritize working with five-star IT professionals. Top-tier IT assistance can do so much for your...

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