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10 Tips for Winter Photography Fun

Winter is a great time to get and take photos—if you’re prepared.  Yes, you can safely use your camera outdoors in wintry weather.  And with these simple tips, you can have more fun and get better photos while enjoying winter. Marie's 10 Winter Photography Tips...

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How to Use Impostor Syndrome to Your Advantage

When I was 19, I decided I would start a photography business to pay my way through college. I had always enjoyed photography and I took a photography class in high school to fill a gap in my schedule.  Based on all that experience, I began photographing friends and...

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Amazing Maui Waterfalls on the Road to Hana

I love waterfalls. Perhaps it's from growing up in semi-arid San Diego and spending most of my early travels in the desert Southwest. Or perhaps it's just marveling at the power of water and the beauty of falling water. I've yet to meet a waterfall I didn't fall in...

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