denver business portraitsWhat is your business image?

How are you using your professional image to help connect and build relationships with your customers?

Do you have a professional business portrait?  Have you even thought about it?

Having a professional business portrait is an essential component of your marketing effort and business image.  Here are a few things to think about when considering business portraits.

Having your face on your website, blog, brochures and other promotional materials personalizes your business and helps to build relationships.  Today’s business world is all about networking and relationships.  Personalizing your website or blog with a professional business portrait personalizes your business and puts a face on it.

business portrait, headshot, denver photographerFirst impressions count.  What do you want those customer’s first impression of you to be?  Their first impression of you may be made well before they ever meet you in person.  They may find you on the internet, see an ad for your company, get your business card or read an article you’ve written.  Is your portrait on your website—at least on the page that tells about you and your company?  Is it a professional portrait that evokes the image of professionalism and confidence that you want your customers to associate with you and your company—or is it just a snapshot you had someone in the office take because they had a camera handy?

If you already have a business portrait, would I recognize you from it?  Is it current or are you using that photo youbusiness portraits, colorado photographer had taken just after college?  How old is that photo–5, 10 or even 15 years old?  If any of these is the correct answer, you are way overdue for a new portrait?

A good business portrait won’t make all the difference in your marketing.  It’s not a magic bullet and isn’t likely to send masses of customers your way, but it should be a key piece in your overall business marketing plan.  And the quality of that business portrait, as well as its appropriateness to your line of work is critical.

professional portraits, business portrait, denver photographerYour business portrait should fit the image you want to project.  Most executives will do best with a more formal head-and-shoulders portrait in traditional business attire, meaning a suit or jacket and tie for men and a suit or dressy blouse or sweater and jacket for women.  If you’re in a more artistic profession, you can wear something a bit more relaxed or less “mainstream,”  but you still need to project a professional image.  Some industries are traditionally associated with particular clothing; for example, a doctor may opt to be photographed in a lab coat or scrubs, depending on the purpose of the photograph.  In the personal-care field, such as hairstylists, massage therapists, fitness consultants, etc., you may opt to wear clothing that is more reflective of the nature of your business, such as wearing exercise gear.

The best place to have a business portrait done really is your place of business.  Putting you in the context of your professionalism and expertise lends additional credibility to your portrait.  At Marie Leslie Photography, we so strongly believe this that we always come to you for your business portraits.  Whether your workplace is in an office, a hospital, a school or a retail shop, we can provide you with business portraits that help you put your best face forward.

For more information on business portraits in the Denver metro area, give us a call today at portraits, executive portraits denver


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