Cherry Creek Winter Wonderland

Cherry Creek Winter Wonderland

There is something magical about the winter time. The snow transforms an ordinary world into a wonderful fairyland.

Perhaps it is because I grew up in a place without snow, and seemingly without seasons, that I find snow to be endlessly fascinating.

Last month we had a much heavier than expected overnight snowstorm and awakened to a beautifully transformed world.

I wanted to capture the beauty before the rising sun began to melt the snow, so just after sunrise we set out to explore the beautiful Cherry Creek Winter Wonderland.

The scenery definitely did not disappoint and it was even more fun to find ourselves the first ones to travel the paths after the snowfall. My only regret was that I didn’t think to bring my snowshoes.

Cherry Creek Lake

Cherry Creek in Winter

Cherry Creek Hiking Trail

Cherry Creek Park

Cherry Creek State Park Colorado

Cherry Creek Winter Colorado

Snowy Cherry Creek State Park

Snowy Cherry Creek

Wintry Cherry Creek Denver


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