We need you.

More specifically, the Lord needs you to work in his vineyard. 
Well, not quite literally, but as followers of the gospel, you know that the Lord often used metaphor and imagery to teach his followers.
Today, we have a website called “The Vineyard” full of wonderful opportunities to put our talents to work building the church of Jesus Christ.  You can find it here.  You can also get there at any time by clicking the button that looks like the one below over on the right side of our site.

There are all kinds of amazing opportunities on this site, needs to be filled by the talents possessed by the members of his church.  You didn’t think you were blessed with those amazing talents just because, did you?  The Lord knew he was going to need you.

And even cooler, it’s all online.  You don’t even have to leave your computer to help build the kingdom.
Right now, the church is working on a HUGE project to translate Teachings of the Living Prophets into 31 different languages.  And they need your help to get it done.  If you will go and visit the Vineyard and visit the page for this project–it’s right here— you can see all the different languages.  If you can read and write any of these languages, click up at the top of the page and you will be blessed to be a part of this project.
And even if you don’t speak any of those languages, well, go back out to the Vineyard’s home page and see what other projects they have going on that you can be a part of.  
Unfortunately, I don’t read or write any of the 31 languages that are currently part of this project.  
But the Vineyard does need photographers and I am pretty darn good at that.  Guess where I’ll be volunteering. . . .
Is this cool or what?  We don’t have to wait for an official calling or an assignment to serve.  We can put our talents to work right now.  If you aren’t sure how to get started, go here first and it will walk you through step by step.  Oh, and by the way, you don’t even have to be a Mormon to participate at the Vineyard.
So, what are you waiting for already?  Go to the Vineyard and get started!

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