This weekend (Saturday and Sunday, April 5 & 6) is the 184th Annual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  It’s a special weekend for us Mormons. We gather around the world in our homes and churches (and probably a few other places in this wonderful internet age) and receive inspired instruction for us–and for the whole world–from our prophets and church leaders. Our kids look forward to it because (if we watch at home) they get to have church in their pajamas and there are usually special snacks and treats.

I look forward to it because I always learn something new. And I look forward to LDS General Conference because one of the speakers will always say something that will answer a question I have, or something that will help me sharpen my focus and adjust the direction of my life, and I always come away feeling enriched, uplifted and strengthened against the trials and temptations of every day life.

Do you have life questions you want answers to? Would you like to learn from a living prophet of God? LDS General Conference is open to everyone. This short video invites and explains a little about how this weekend’s conference can bless your life.


And, while you’re waiting for conference to get here, let’s test your knowledge of General Conference history with this great infographic from LDSLiving.

LDS General Conference Through the Years

You can see the full-size version on the LDSLiving website by clicking here.

Please join me for LDS General Conference this weekend. You can find the many ways to watch LDS General Conference by clicking here.

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