It’s nearly springtime, and although it’s still pretty snowy, and there’s a definite chill in the air, the urge to start decluttering is very much beginning to take over. Getting rid of unnecessary stuff is a great way to freshen ourselves up for the new season, and make our homes lighter and brighter as the days get longer.

Spring cleaning is not just about dusting the top of our shelves (although we should all do that!), it’s also a chance to take stock and declutter. This guide will provide some top tips on decluttering your home this spring from the top down.



Bedrooms (and/or dressing rooms if you have the luxury) are a great place to start decluttering. A thorough spring cleaning session means making more mess before cleaning, so begin by emptying your closet and taking inventory!

Count how many clothes and shoes you own and be ruthless. If it hasn’t been worn in the last few months, are you ever likely to wear it again? Clothes in good condition can be donated, while any that have seen far better days should probably be retired for good to bin city. Create three piles – keep, donate, and trash, and get organising!

Declutter Your Living Room


While bathrooms are not usually a place for too much clutter, our medicine cabinets are often an archive of ancient remedies. A clear out of empty packaging and out of date or unused medicine may not seem like a big thing, but all decluttering helps usher in spring.


Living room

It’s all in the name, and the living room is for living, meaning we spend a lot of time in these rooms. As a result, it’s easy to get cluttered. Clearing out DVDs, video games, magazines and so on is a good starting point.

If you’re a fan of gadgets, you might have an excess of chargers and old equipment kicking around. Check which chargers you actually use, and get rid of unwanted tech to free up some extra space. Remember to clean out your sofa cushions too, pocketing any extra change for a post-cleaning treat.



Kitchens our often very cluttered environments, due to the amount of stuff we use on a day-to-day basis. As with your bedroom, it’s crucial to take stock of everything you own by emptying out all of your cabinets.

Any mismatched containers and lids can be scrapped, while throwing out expired cleaning products will help declutter. Most of us have kitchen gadgets collecting dust somewhere, so ask yourself when was the last time you used that bread maker? Old pots and pans can also take up a lot of space.

Also be sure to check your pantry for out-of-date cans, dry goods, or other ‘essentials’ that are anything but essential, and refrigerators and freezers for that single burger that has become a miniature iceberg.

Decluttering your home is a great way to usher in the springtime, and approaching it room-by-room is a smart way of approaching what can be a pretty big task.

Author bio: Robert Lovell is a writer and editor who writes for Abacus House Clearance, as well as numerous print and digital publications. Robert is based in the north of England where he enjoys walking in the countryside and hanging out with his family.

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