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The Small Things of the Earth Motivation and Inspiration for your JourneyThe Small Things of the Earth Summary

Kenneth Green has led an extraordinary life. Not because he’s made millions or traveled the world. His life is extraordinary because being born with debilitating disabilities he has learned to persevere and make it no matter the odds. He now wants to teach you lessons he has learned over his short but experienced life. He first entertains, telling you the good, the bad and the ugly. Laugh and cry along with his life story, as he leaves you with indelible impressions of his life and the power of positive thinking. He follows each tale with the lesson he learned through pain, sweat, and tears so you can avoid making the same mistakes.

The Small Things of the Earth Review

The Small Things of the Earth by Kenneth Green, is a testament that every life is worthwhile, and that we are held back in life only by the limitations we choose to accept. From his story, Kenneth has certainly had his share of challenges, and has spent his life overcoming them, one by one.

In this book, he not only shares his story, but also ends each chapter by sharing the lessons he has learned from each of the challenges and periods of his life. While the book could definitely benefit from a good editor, his story is honest and heartfelt, and it is clear Kenneth has put his all into his work.

I felt like I was reading Kenneth’s journal, and to me that is definitely the feel of this book. He has also based some of the later chapters on writings from his blog at Simply Kenneth, and so if you are a reader of his blog, you will be familiar with his writing style.

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The Small Things of the Earth: Motivation and Inspiration for your Journey! by Dr Kenneth Neal Green is available from in paperback or Kindle format.

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