This is not a surprise, every entrepreneur wants to have a successful business. One of the most important factors to consider here is the team efficiency. While you can have an innovative business idea with a growing number of customers, it’s really important that your employees are interested in achieving your business goals. Thus, measuring employee and team productivity becomes really necessary.

Delegate ResponsibilityConsider Using Project Management Tools

It’s not easy to measure if a particular employee is working efficiently without any tools. This is why using a project management software is a good idea. This way, you can create tasks, set due dates, estimated time and much more. The employees would have to track their time and progress making all this data available for your observation, which eases the estimation of your team efficiency. Among the most popular project management software are Redmine, Jira, and Trello.

How Can Remote Teams Be as Productive as In-House Ones?

Remote work has become extremely popular and companies often outsource their projects, hire freelancers or dedicated developers. Of course, if you have an in-house team and you are doing the management yourself, you should be able to estimate the productivity by yourself as well. On the other hand, if you have a big team, it may become very complicated to control everything. Moreover, if you are working with remote teams, using project management software is the only way to keep the control.

For example, if you hire a remote developer, you would want to know how this dev is spending the time and resources and how far the development process has gone. Even with offshore software developers, project management software is used not only to let you monitor the work but also to increase the team productivity.


How to Improve Employee Engagement

Employee management software is great but it won’t work if an employee is not interested in your business goals. No wonder many companies have the employee of the month award, team building activities, and corporate parties. Integrating different kind of bonuses and stuff like that would let you increase employee satisfaction rate as well as employee engagement. Thus, your team would feel more like working hard to help you grow your business.

Also, constant corporate training would let your employees grow personally as professionals. This will help them to feel like they are improving and moving further in their careers. It is beneficial for you as well because you get more skilled and experienced specialists and they feel like working for you makes them better. Career path clarity is also very important.

Team Communication, Synergy and Culture

Once again, it’s really good to use management software to improve the communication between your team members. You could also set up a team chat or something like that so that your employees could ping and talk to each other r, work-related or not. Software like Trello would help them to organize the workflow in the best way and team communication tools like RocketChat would build up the team spirit.

Having different cultures within one team can be difficult but also can bring more value. Just take a look at Google or Ubisoft. They have offices all around the globe and employees come from different cultures. The more different people are, the more diverse are the solutions they come up with.

Improve Employee EngagementDelegate Responsibility and Automate Routine Work

Learn how to love technology and use it for the good. Automate all the routine work. It would not only increase employee satisfaction rate but also help to increase productivity and improve cost-efficiency. Know your employees’ strengths and weaknesses and delegate responsibility properly. Top management should not only ensure the work is being done properly, it should also make sure the employees are constantly growing as professionals.


Team productivity is something that should be improving constantly. People come and go but with the right approach, every new employee is integrated into the team in no time. Care for people who work for you, use the top management software, organize meetings and make sure your employees have fun together, at least, sometimes.

 Currently, Myron is working at Mobilunity as a marketing manager. He often interviews programmers to get a better understanding of what they do and how they do it. Also, Myron is interested in management and keeps improving these skills too.
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