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Employee benefits are an essential part of nearly every small business. In today’s competitive job market, offering quality employee benefits, especially health benefits can be a big factor in attracting and retaining qualified employees.

But how do you know which are the best healthcare benefits for your employees? With so many variables and so many needs and issues to consider, researching and choosing the right plan can be time consuming and confusing. If you find creating and administering an employee benefit program frustrating, you’re not alone. According to The Business Journal’s “SMB Insights” more than 60% of small businesses find health care to be a major concern, especially due to cost and coverage issues.

What if there was an easier way to find the right health plans for your employees—one that would allow you to easily and quickly choose and purchase health care for your employees?

Good news! There is an easier way to buy small business health coverage. UnitedHealthcare has a new online healthcare website that allows small business owners to easily and quickly choose and purchase health care for their company.

Easy for Employers

UnitedHealthcare’s Small Business website, designed for companies with 2 to 50 employees is quick, easy and clear for both business owners and employees. Using their website at, you, the employer,  can review all medical plan options available in your location, and then choose to offer all plans to your employees or customize a package of plan for employees to choose from.

purchasing employee benefitsAdditionally, you can choose your employer contribution—how much you are willing to pay for each employee’s health insurance—and submit employee information to see pricing based on basic criteria such as age and gender of the employees and their families. This way, regardless of the health plans your employee chooses, you know what your costs are—and you are still able to offer employees the option to choose a plan that works best for their individual and family needs.

And, if you need additional assistance, UnitedHealthcare offers not only additional resources and answers via their prominent “learn more” buttons, but also access to coverage advisors who can explain all the choices available as well as all the aspects of UnitedHealthcare’s programs.

Best of all, this site is designed to be quick and easy. Whether you need advice from one of UnitedHealthcare’s Insurance experts, or whether you can navigate it on your own, the whole process can be completed in no more than 20 minutes.

And as an added bonus, UnitedHealthcare will give you the opportunity to provide your employees with additional voluntary benefits such as dental, vision and life insurance, becoming a true one-stop shop to provide your employees with the most-requested benefits—and making your company a more desirable workplace.

Easy for Employees

Once you’ve chosen the healthplans you want to offer your employees, they can go online and take care of their own selection and enrollment in the company healthplan through an employee online plan selection tool. As long as you offer your employees at least six different options, they’ll be able to use the online tool, saving you and your staff time and money.

Just as employers have access to online assistance, that same help is available to employees. The “Learn More” buttons and UnitedHealthcare’s advisors are available through the website to help each employee make the right selection for them. With UnitedHealthcare, even small employers can give their employees the benefit customization and flexibility that was once reserved for only the largest companies.


So, what are you waiting for? Open enrollment is just around the corner visit today and find out how easy giving your employees the benefits they most want can be.

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