Ok, I know they really are goslings, offspring of the Canada Geese that call Colorado home. (Do you suppose they’re confused? On the other hand, Colorado is warmer than most of Canada, especially in the winter.)

One of the great delights of spring is watching out my window as the geese begin to hatch their young. It’s not easy to get close enough to be able to take good pictures, even with a long lens, but Papa Goose and I came to an understanding this year and I was permitted to get much closer than I thought he would allow.

In case you don’t know, geese are mean. Just a couple of weeks ago as I was driving to my office, I saw a woman who was cornered by an angry Canada Goose. He wouldn’t let her get to the office door and he wouldn’t let her get back to her car. I felt sorry for her, but for those who’ve never had a run-in with a goose, I’m sure it looked hilariously funny.

But back to the subjects at hand. These adorable fluffy yellow goslings look anything but mean. I made these photographs a week ago and already we see them growing and changing,

gosling photography

baby goose photography

cute baby goose photography

yellow gosling--baby Canada Goose

baby geese, baby birds--gosling photography

swimming baby goose, gosling

Canada Goose family, goose babies

Canada Goose family, goslings, baby geese, baby birds

swimming baby canada goose

cute baby bird, gosling

gosling, baby bird, duckling

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