It’s a Mom Thing

It’s a Mom Thing

I’m a Band Mom. And I’ve been a swimming mom and a camp mom and. . . . But yesterday I was a band mom. It was our fist marching band competition of the year, and if you’ve ever been involved in marching band, you know how much time, and how many band moms–and dads–it takes to make one of these events happen. I have a to-do list 12 miles long and I will readily admit that it crossed my mind more than once before I left the house that the 10 hours I was going to spend at the Friendship Cup competition would have made a lot of headway in tackling that list. But I’m glad I went anyway.

The to-do list will get done. At least the important parts. The other stuff, well, it will happen eventually. Maybe.

And it made think of this new video. How many of us can relate to this day in the life of a mom?

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