Moving to a new home while running a business requires coordination, organization and careful planning. This is doubly true if you’re not planning to stop business operations during the relocation. Managing workload, creating a portable workstation and maintaining good communication with clients is critical for the success of the move.

Make Lists and a Calendar, Check Daily

In order to make sure things happen on schedule (and that nothing slips through the cracks), you’ll need to stay organized. Make separate lists for separate topics to stay on top of the moving parts in your relocation.

Business To Do List  

This list includes everything that must be done to ensure your business can successfully move from one location to another.

Items to put on this list might include:

  • Update addresses on business cards and advertisements.
  • Change addresses with business credit cards, bank account and subscription services.
  • Complete major projects. Alternatively, find a stopping point on major projects and document what needs to be completed.
  • Buy new office furniture.
  • Update your website with new contact info.
  • Set up utilities and internet in your new location, shut off utilities in your old location.

Set deadlines for yourself to accomplish these tasks. Put all tasks in a dayplanner and check it daily. Doing some of these things out of order may result in delays or gaps in the work you are able to complete. For example, not having internet set up in your new location for even just a day or two could lead to significant delays.

Moving To Do List

Relocation itself, from choosing movers to packing, is a huge endeavor. Make a moving to do list that includes everything that needs to be accomplished. Items on this list include:

  • Meet with potential moving companies for quotes.
  • Sign up with the moving company of choice.
  • Accumulate boxes and packing materials.
  • Pack boxes, category by category.

Put items on this list in your day planner as well, so you can see your workload for each day laid out in one place.

work remotely if necessary

Create a Portable Work Station

Mobility is crucial during a relocation. Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, there will likely come a time when you have no access to your desk, chair, and desktop computer. Create a portable workstation that you can take in your car, set up in a hotel or use from an empty living room. Upgrade to a laptop and business mobile phone, if you don’t have them already. Start using these weeks before the move to ensure they meet your business’ needs.

Pack a go-bag of business materials, including everything you will need until the relocation is over. This bag might include shipping materials, business cards, thumb drives, pens and pencils, scissors or anything else you use in day to day life.

Set the go-bag aside where it won’t be mixed up with items to be loaded on the moving truck. Plan to bring the go-bag in your car on the day you move. Label the go-bag in big letters, and point it out to the movers, so they’ll know to leave it alone.

Create a backup plan in the event that WiFi is not operational in the first few days, or in case electricity is not turned on when you first move in. Find a coffee shop, library, or public place where you can access WiFi (ideally secure/password protected) if you need it. If no local WiFi is available, work with your phone company to set up a temporary data plan for your most important mobile devices.

Keep Clients Informed

Tell clients about the coming change. Give them your new address. Tell them well in advance when you’ll be unable to communicate. Work with clients to discuss ways to complete big projects before the relocation takes place, or extend deadlines until well after the relocation. Discuss which projects take priority, and which can be delayed if need be.

Time the Move Wisely

Relocation is a lot of work. Avoid moving at times of year when business is busy. If you’re not sure, talk to clients to find out when your services will be in the most demand. With careful planning and good organization, your relocation can be a success.

Ryan PoppeRyan Poppe is a licensed RE/MAX REALTOR© with the Colorado Property Group Southwest.

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