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Networking is essential for building excellent business connections and relationships these days. There are so many great ways to promote yourself or your business both online and offline. This article will point out a few excellent ways to build connections and strengthen your networking potential by using methods that have worked for many others.


With many local societies and professional organizations out there, it’s easy to find one that is relevant to your business. Join an organization that can help you network with like-minded people who can help you grow in a number of ways. Making an effort to know what is going on in your community, exchanging business cards and learning about what others are doing can help you stay relevant and market yourself to others in the organization.


Participating in conferences that relate to your career are great ways to meet people and make lifelong connections. Conferences are not only perfect for your professional growth in the field, but will expose you to the latest trends and technology related to your business. If possible, you should strive to get involved in the development of the conference or be a presenter. Doing so will help you to be viewed as a leader, putting you in touch with the right people.

Social Media

Social media is synonymous with social networking and building relationships with people. This is arguably one of the best resources for creating connections with other people for business purposes. Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus are very popular platforms that bring millions of people together. One of the best resources for professionals is LinkedIn. This website allows you to build an online profile that is similar to a resume, allowing you to associate yourself with specific groups and people. A perfect example of how to network yourself using LinkedIn can be seen on this LinkedIn profile from high risk obstetrician, Dr. Gilbert Webb of St. Louis .


Committing some time to volunteer in your community or non-profit organization is another great way to build positive connections. Teaching others your valuable skills, knowledge and expertise will serve to help you build a great reputation and become a well-known community leader.


Constantly making the effort in trying to reach out to others is the best way to become a networking master. Constantly engaging in social events, professional organizations and social media websites like LinkedIn will help you to achieve networking success!

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