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I know many, if not most have you, have already started the new school year. For my kids, that exciting day is this coming Monday. Just last night, we walked to the school to find out their new teachers for the year. My kids love school and look forward to the beginning of a new year.I look forward to the rebirth of order and routine in our house. There’s nothing like the school year to keep us consistent. With 4 of my 5 kids in school, it’s either routine or death. 😉

I thought I’d share one of our Back-to-School traditions with you. Like so many of our family’s traditions, it involves a camera. Before the kids leave for school on the first day, I have them line up in our front yard for a few quick pictures. I am always sure to get the kids to stand together, as well as individually, and I love including their backpacks in the shots. Their backpacks, which start out huge in comparison with their own size, add a fun perspective.

I challenge you to do the same, as a visual growth chart. It doesn’t have to be the first day of school. It could be a birthday or the beginning of a new year. Many new parents take a picture each month of their baby sitting next to a stuffed animal. At one month, the animal dwarfs the baby, but month by month you see growth until suddenly Baby is bigger than the toy. Don’t have kids? It’s just as fun to keep a visual “growth” of you and your spouse or pet….or even your garden.

My kids complain a little about all of the pictures we take, but I know that years form now, they will appreciate this record of their childhood. As a mom, looking back on pictures like this makes my heart flitter just a little. How do they grow so fast?!

First Day of School 2007, T (1st Grade) and N (3rd Grade)

First Day of School 2008, N (4th Grade), T (2nd Grade), and R (Kindergarten)

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Lolli is a lifelong member of the Church, married to a convert. She has five kids–3 girls and 2 boys (and a camera that goes everywhere she goes!). Read more on her personal blog, Better in Bulk.

One thought on “Photos As Traditions

  • August 28, 2009 at 1:48 pm

    A couple other photos as traditions/growth chart ideas:

    *My daughter was born four weeks premature, and was pretty tiny. My mom suggested (and I didn't follow through) that each month, I take a picture of her next to the same stuffed animal, for perspective.

    *My mom also suggested that my husband and I get a picture of ourselves every year on our anniversary, so that we can see our progression through our marriage. We haven't followed through on this either, but our anniversary is three days after Christmas, so we have Christmas pictures from every year.


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