recharge your creativityAre you in a rut?

Is your job starting to feel like, well, a JOB?

Do you feel like things are just dragging along? No new ideas? No spark?

It just might be time for you to recharge your creativity. Get the spark back. Trigger some new ideas. Maybe even put a little spring in your step.

There are many things you can do to give yourself a creative recharge.  I don’t know about you, but an exotic vacation would definitely do wonders for my creative spirit. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t do such good things for my budget or my schedule.

While an exotic vacation isn’t in the cards this year, I have learned a few other ways to break myself out of the creative rut and re-inspire my creativity. And these ways won’t break the bank.

So, here are my five ways to recharge your creativity (and still pay the rent!)

Rearrange your office

Rethink your office layout. Take the afternoon (or the morning off), give your office a good cleaning and move the furniture, and even the artwork. Maybe it’s even time to change out your artwork. How long has that old poster been up there anyway? Sometimes changing the way things look can help you change the way you look at things. Giving the office a good shake-up can shake the cobwebs out of your brain and get it working again.

Read a new book

Read something really different. In fact, pick a completely different genre than what you usually read. Do you read business books? Pick a biography, a historical novel, a travelogue. Anything, even a beach read—as long as it’s different, interesting and holds your attention. Expand your (literary) horizons, stretch your mind, venture into a new territory. Read about someone or something that’s completely different than what you do every day. Give yourself permission to read something that isn’t focused on your day-to-day business.

Take a Lunch Break

Confession time. I am so bad about this I had to institute a “no food at the desk” rule. By the way, I’ve lost 2” off my waist since I made this rule, but that’s another blog post. Get up from your desk. Turn off the monitors. Put away the spreadsheets. Send your calls to voice mail. Take a REAL lunch break. Whether you leave your office (or home office) and go out to lunch or whether you are making your own, make it a tasty, healthy lunch and give yourself time to stop working and really enjoy it. If the weather is nice, take it outside. Admire the scenery. People watch (or in my case, squirrel watch). Just step away from the computer and give your brain—and body—a  break.

Go Somewhere Different

Are you a creature of habit? It’s time to break out of the routine. Whether it’s changing your usual errand stops or taking a few hours off to go exploring, getting out and going somewhere you haven’t been before can be enough to break out of the doldrums. Do you always go to the same office supply store? Visit one across town. When I am feeling uncreative, I go to the gourmet grocery or one of the dozens of ethnic markets in my town.  Looking at the exotic produce and beautiful Artisan breads and cheeses gets my brain started on the art and cooking projects I could make with a basket full of goodies.  When I have more time, I opt for a hike in the mountains or even just a walk or drive through a neighborhood I haven’t visited before.  A change of scenery can give you a new perspective.

Meet Someone New

This works best when you can do it in person. While I love my internet friends, there is no substitute for having face time with someone. Whether you go to a networking event, a business lunch or you decide to meet an online colleague or client in real life, getting out and making new relationships is one of the best remedies there is for getting recharged and inspired. If you’re going to a networking or business event, make it a goal to get to know someone you haven’t met before. Find out what inspires them and just maybe they’ll be able to inspire you, too.

And now, if these five ideas aren’t enough to get you going again—here is a nifty infographic with 29 more ideas. Hopefully, one of these will get you going again.

What do you do to recharge your creativity? Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below.

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