jesus christ crown of thornsToday is Good Friday and marks the beginning of Easter celebrations around the world.

While as a Mormon, we don’t have any special church services or rituals to observe Good Friday (which always puzzled me as a child, but that’s another story), I do spend time in reflection on this day, thinking of Christ and His sacrifice for us.  Even with all of the years I have studied His life and His atonement, it still nearly beyond comprehension, but I am ever so grateful that He loved ME–and you–enough to make this sacrifice.

jesus christ resurrectionThere are so many activities and so many things that can pull at us this weekend.  Spring parties, egg hunts, sweet treats, Easter dresses and pretty bonnets. They are all fun and all wonderful and help us to celebrate a beautiful spring season. But we must not let them overshadow the real meaning of Easter. To help you keep your focus on Jesus Christ, on His life, His death and most importantly, His joyous resurrection I would like to share these wonderful and beautiful videos about Christ.

These videos are a gift to the world from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You can find them here.  They are free to watch, to download and to share.

I thought this video was especially appropriate for Good Friday.


But I cannot leave without celebrating not only Christ’s sacrifice for us, but also His marvelous and joyous resurrection.


I invite you to visit The Life of Jesus Christ Bible Videos and enjoy the many beautiful videos about the life of Christ. And then I invite you to visit this site and share your thoughts about Jesus Christ.

And I would love for you to share your thoughts about Christ and Easter in the comment section below. And please share this with your network.

Happy Easter!

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